Management system / information / laboratory LabWeb™ Psyche Systems Corporation

Management system / information / laboratory LabWeb™ Psyche Systems Corporation

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LabWeb is a full-featured laboratory information system (LIS) with advanced functionality including rules-based analysis, a lean powerful database for indepth analysis, and quality assurance and control capabilities, with the added benefits only Psyche Systems can deliver – high ROI, our eXerva™ hosted services and a true partnership. Because each laboratory's work flow is unique, LabWeb has been designed to allow the laboratory to integrate the functions available to suit the laboratory's specific needs. You decide how to combine these tools for maximum effectiveness. With the availability of advanced feature modules including a 510(k) FDA-approved SBB Blood Bank Transfusion Service, advanced Anatomic Pathology System and Medical Necessity Modules, LabWeb is a complete, best-in-class LIS purpose-built for the lab environment with integration into the hospital, practice management and clinical systems, and instruments for a seamless, end-to-end solution. With LabWeb, hospitals and private laboratories are able to realize a high return on investment by enhancing their services and improving reimbursement rates, while maximizing their existing IT resources through Psyche's eXerva™ software delivery model. Combined, Psyche Systems' customer-guided product development process and LabWeb's high-level of customization provide laboratory staff with advanced functionality and greater ease-of-use. LabWeb's extensive level of customization means that the LIS adapts to the lab environment, not vice versa as is the case with other systems.
  • Function:information
  • Application:laboratory
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