Data management software / medical / laboratory WPTox® Psyche Systems Corporation

Data management software / medical / laboratory WPTox® Psyche Systems Corporation

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WPTox includes specific workflow and functionality for capturing, properly classifying and interpreting the presence and/or absence of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, as well as drugs of abuse. WPTox simplifies much of the sample collection process through its easy-to-use web based sample collection portal, which asks specific questions pertaining to the patient’s drug history and current “admitted” prescriptions and use of any illicit drugs. The WPTox system executes special logic to determine whether the metabolites detected or not-detected are consistent or inconsistent with the known info captured at the time of order. The system knows the expected pattern of results based on the presence or absence of multiple analytes; for example if Valium is prescribed, the system knows that Metabolite A and Metabolite B, not just one or the other, must be present in order to validate the presence of the known prescribed drug. WPTox provides multiple report formats specifically designed to report drug testing. Results include the panel ordered, metabolites screened, cutoff values for each metabolite, and a specific summary section noting any CONSISTENT or INCONSISTENT result evaluation based on the initial info collected. Format also is able, by preference, to list Detected, Not Detected, and Not Tested status for any/all metabolites on the labs test menu. WPTox makes an excellent addition to current WindoPath installations and can be used as a stand-alone toxicology information system or part of a complete pathology laboratory solution.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Medical establishment:laboratory
  • Function:data management
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