Data management software / medical / laboratory Vox Papuli™ Psyche Systems Corporation

Data management software / medical / laboratory Vox Papuli™ Psyche Systems Corporation
Vox Papuli™

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Vox Papuli™ (Vox Pap) Conversational Computing Software enables laboratories to achieve an unprecedented level of efficiency and improved accuracy for cytology cases. While available voice recognition technologies enable “hands-free” information collection, they do detract attention from the specimen being examined because the users must be able to clearly see where they are entering information into their system. In this highly subjective part of the lab process, precision is paramount. Recording important observations, such as the presence of endo-cervical components in a tissue sample, can prove to be painstaking and tedious when the need to toggle between a notepad or computer screen and the microscope. “Conversational computing”, an emerging technology, is able to address the limitation of voice recognition by allowing the user to interact with the computer directly - the user simply speaks to the computer and the computer speaks back. Vox Pap is perfectly suited for GYN laboratories. Vox Pap’s features include: - Easy to use - Improve productivity and prevent costly errors - Record the diagnosis and read the data back for verification of accuracy - Recognize and flag a case for review prior to allowing sign out - Full audit trail and regulatory compliance - Automatic charge capture - Integrated word processing for easier report creation and image management - Interactive voice for Pap cases - Hosted software delivery model is available
  • Medical establishment:laboratory
  • Function:data management
  • Application domain:medical
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