Management software / medical / for hospitals H+Way Polymedis

Management software / medical / for hospitals H+Way Polymedis

The management process is crucial for the quality of care and efficiency of health facilities. Clinical paths can map out the steps for taking care of a patient population with a common pathology. Polymedis assists hospitals in the implementation of these tools and presents its product management for clinical pathways, H+Way. H+Way allows different health professionals to coordinate their actions. The module is based on the concept of a GPS : "H+Way proposes, the user decides". This allows the caregiver to maintain its freedom of choice, while applying the suggested threatment. Thus, H+Way helps to refine and improve the organization of care, including activities, diagnostics, training and care organization up to the patients discharge. H+Way also allows easy monitoring of performance indicators of clinical pathways.
  • Function: : management
  • Medical establishment: : for hospitals
  • Application domain: : medical
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