Lumbar support belt 38x series Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Lumbar support belt 38x series Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd
38x series

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tem # 382 (small 60cm - 85cm) Item # 381 (medium 75cm - 100cm) Item # 380 (large 100cm - 125cm) Item # 383 (extra large 125cm - 142cm) (To Wear Over Clothing) Narrow Front for Bending, Digging etc This Denim Back Brace is designed to give good support for the back with additional lumbar support. Inside the Back Brace are foam ‘bones’ that are permanently sewn in position to prevent them from moving and digging into the body. The bones do not have to be removed when washing. The Brace should only be worn when doing work that is likely to cause strain and pain. Do not wear it permanently, as this may make normal muscles lazy. This is a general guide and we recommend advice from your Therapist. To Fit: ensure the elastic Brace straps are loose and put the belt on with the middle of the belt centred over the spine at the affected area. Hold the two central pieces of elastic and pull them simultaneously forward and secure them with the Velcro section to the main belt. Next, hold the two ‘double’ elastic straps and once again, simultaneously pull them forward, to be secured on top of the central elastic. In some cases the elastic straps may be secured above or below the middle of the back brace, depending on individual problems, and consultation with your Therapist is recommended. Fasten all Velcro pieces before washing. Only use the Back Brace when doing your heaviest activities. Do not wear it all day. Washing: Hand or gentle machine wash only, up to 80°C. Air dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.
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