LED curing light / dental Fusion White DentLight, Inc.

LED curing light / dental Fusion White DentLight, Inc.
Fusion White

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Enables transillimination for detection of caries and crack and visualization of canals: High power white light LED enables transillumination superseding X-ray exam Unmatched power of 200,000+ lux (18,000+ foot candle -fc) output and 120,000+ lux (11,000+ fc) with exam tip Two level power control (Full and Half power) for best image contrast Interproximal caries and fractures detection Lights up endodontic canals enabling loupe guided endodontic procedures in replacement of costly microsopes Modular LED head hot-swappable with FUSION Curing Light Head and Violet Light Head for additional profit stream in early oral cancer screening Be amazed with your own eye and see what is impossible with any other similar devices on the market Intraoral illumination with high power light
  • Applications:dental
  • Light source:LED
United States