Dental curing light / cordless Fusion S7 DentLight, Inc.

Dental curing light / cordless Fusion S7 DentLight, Inc.
Fusion S7

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Featuring 1200 mW/cm2 power for a typical 10-second cure of all composites, 10mm wide tip, and easy one button operation. Lightweight, balanced and sleek, FUSION handpiece is made of solid metal modular kits with a personal touch and shock proof reliability. Incredible size and unmatched durability Solid metal construction with shock proof durability Modular and compatible with FUSION 1.0 (2008)+ models Easy operation with dummy one button operation (10s timer) Lowest profile light probe that allows access anywhere Cordless or corded with replaceable battery 1200mW/cm2 collimated beam ensures 10 seconds fast cure 10mm tip size Add on options (transillumination and oral exam)
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