Dental headlight Nano 2S DentLight, Inc.

Dental headlight Nano 2S DentLight, Inc.
Nano 2S

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Nano 2S is a new generation Nano light that maintains its legacy of the smallest and brightest light on the market while improving on the optics and battery with the most advanced technology. It comes with a super-capacity battery pack with running time up to 24 hours. The Nano 2S battery pack also improves with a large single push button for easy elbow activation making it hands free and incredibly reliable. The smart battery has an internal self memory with the users’ preferred selection of the optical power setting among the three settings that they can choose. The advanced battery pack has a battery indicator that displays the battery status and will provide an audible beep one minute in advance of its shutdown. Together with its super thin/reliable Teflon wire, an optimum beam size and a easy to use flip-up composite filter with three preset angles making it one of the most ergonomic and reliable light that you can count on for your general office procedures. Nano 2S is a heavy duty light that further steps up from its predecessor which has already received high ratings from clinical evaluations including Reality, Dental Product Shopper and others from 2011-2012. Applications: Light weight magnified illumination for general practitioners and specialists. Construction: Unique Teflon wire, optics, heat isolation/heat sink designs and super sleek battery pack.
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