LCD display / dental Planmeca Vision Planmeca

LCD display / dental Planmeca Vision Planmeca
Planmeca Vision

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Planmeca Vision provides maximum safety to both patient and user as well as excellent infection control. Planmeca Vision 19 medical grade display is the perfect choice for dental facilities because its housing is splash-proof and sealed. Its front has a PMMA cover that is shatterproof, protecting the LCD panel that has an ingress protection rating of IP66. The whole LCD display, on the other hand, has a rating of IP33. The display has a modern design and is very lightweight, making it fit perfectly into dental units by Planmeca. Planmeca Compact i Touch and Planmeca Sovereign can make use of Planmeca Vision. It also has three inputs available: VGA, HDMI, and Display Port. Moreover, a white monitor with 17" display is available for all dental units from Planmeca including Planmeca Compact i Classic.
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