Laboratory vacuum pump / diaphragm / oil-free VP 820 VWR

Laboratory vacuum pump / diaphragm / oil-free VP 820 VWR
VP 820

Dual-head, dry running diaphragm pump for a wide range of laboratory applications. It pumps, compresses and evacuates without affecting media, i.e. media remains uncontaminated. The pump includes a diaphragm with patented tension optimisation, which allows the pump to be smaller and prolongs the service life of the diaphragm. 100% oil-free pumping, so media cannot be contaminated when pumping and evacuating For medium aggressive gases and vapours Maintenance-free, quiet running Delivery information: Includes diaphragm pump with thermal switch, mains fuse, connecting cable with plug, and hose connectors for hoses with 9 mm internal diameter.
  • Technology: : membrane
  • Lubrication: : oil-free
  • Medical establishment: : laboratory
Hunter Boulevard,
United Kingdom
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