Laboratory water bath +5 °C ... +100 °C, 4 - 12 L | VWB 12 VWR

Laboratory water bath +5 °C ... +100 °C, 4 - 12 L | VWB 12 VWR
+5 °C ... +100 °C, 4 - 12 L | VWB 12

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Water baths with double walled, stainless steel (inner) and coated steel sheet (outer) housing. Temperature is evenly distributed by a flat radiator. Electronic PID controller with digital temperature setting gives high temperature stability. A digital timer can be set so that the water bath will maintain the required temperature after the timer alarm has sounded. The baths have a drain cock and are protected against ‘running dry’ as the heater automatically switches off if the liquid is low. Note: Baths are classified Safety Class 1, allowing unattended operation when used with non flammable liquids. Temperature range ambient +5 to 100 °C Digital temperature indicator with three user-defined fixed temperatures In standby mode display shows residual heat, display also shows when power and heating is on Temperature stability: ±0,2 K Digital temperature display and setting 0,1 °C
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