Laboratory block heater 5 °C ... 120 °C | 460-326x, 460-327x series VWR

Laboratory block heater 5 °C ... 120 °C | 460-326x, 460-327x series VWR
5 °C ... 120 °C | 460-326x, 460-327x series

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Designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature stability. These multipurpose units are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, blood/urea nitrogen determinations, immunoassays, melting or boiling points. Easy to use controls with independent LED displays show actual and set point temperatures. Controls allow users to adjust temperature set point in ±0,1 °C increments. Timer function with audible alarm when time reaches zero. Optional external temperature probe kit monitors actual block or sample temperature. LED display on front panel will show actual probe temperature and adjust heater output to maintain user-defined set point. All dry block heaters include a built in support rod holder for mounting the probe kit. Efficient heater features close tube-to-block contact with a low-density design for exceptional temperature uniformity. Exceptional temperature uniformity and stability. Units offer a temperature stability of ±0,2 °C Temperature range from ambient +5 to 120 °C Timer will display elapsed time or when programmed to user-defined limit, will count down to zero and shut off unit Accommodate VWR interchangeable modular heating blocks for tubes from 0,2 ml up to 50 ml capacity Two LED displays, timer with audible alarm and microprocessor control
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