Laboratory microscope / fluorescence / trinocular / LED LED'SGO® Aesku.Diagnostics

Laboratory microscope / fluorescence / trinocular / LED LED'SGO® Aesku.Diagnostics

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LED'SGO® LED Fluorescence Mircoscope has a LED light source that will give 30,000 hours of lighting without showing any obvious signs in intensity and quality of light produced. With the LED light source, the user will be satisfied to know that variations created by the old mercury/xenon lamp technologies are not a problem with the LED'SGO® LED Fluorescence Mircoscope. With this Fluorescence Microscope the intensity of the light remains the same for the entire service life of the item. There is no waiting time when this product is ordered Users also do not need to have lamp validation and there is also no need for lamp replacement because of the guaranteed long service life of the lamps. The LED'SGO® LED Fluorescence Mircoscope consumes very little energy and is also environmentally friendly. This new generation of microscope through the LED technology is an important addition in any laboratory .
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