ELISA test workstation / automatic / 1-station SQII® Aesku.Diagnostics

ELISA test workstation / automatic / 1-station SQII® Aesku.Diagnostics

The SQII® ELISA PROCESSOR is a fully automated 2-plated ELISA (enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay) Analyzer based on the Dynex DS2 instrument, but it is customized for AESKULISA® reagents. It process all ELISA Steps It immediately bar codes REAGENT TRACEABILITY (for improved accreditation). It has a walk-away system that decreases hand-on time. It guarantees "No Human Error" in reagent mix-ups. It is validated package for Instruments and AESKULISA Reagents.The AESKULISA® Reagent Bottles can be loaded directly into the AESKULISA® CUSTOM RACK without transferring liquids into unnecessary containers. This saves time in transfers, saves errors in re-labeling, and saves around $5,000 per year in unnecessary consumables and improving your accreditation. The SQII will scan the reagent bottles from AESKULISA® (which are bar-coded for full traceability).
  • Number of stations: : 1-station
  • Other characteristics: : automatic
  • Application: : ELISA test
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