ELISA microplate reader / absorbance AESKU.READER® Aesku.Diagnostics

ELISA microplate reader / absorbance AESKU.READER® Aesku.Diagnostics

AESKU features Absorbance Microplate Reader that is used in conjunction with a standalone unit as well as HELMED® ELISA software. Its features include- reliable and fast ELISA MTP Reader, connection with HELMED or standalone, Assay and control validation, Data transformation formulas, Curve-fitting options including point-to-point, cubic spline, quadratic, cubic, 4-P, 2-P (logit/log) and linear and Multiple assays per plate. The multi-channel reader with on-board diagnostic delivers the maximum specifications in the microplate readers that are repeatable, accurate and precise. The calibration test and self-test plate make the confirmation and documentation of reader performance easier and simpler. All the calculations are executed automatically. The HELMED® ELISA software is capable of handling the AESKU.READER®. In addition to this, while serving as a standalone reader being controlled by optional external software it offers the adjustability for analyzing data from the endpoint or kinetic measurements.
  • Detection mode: : absorbance
  • Applications: : ELISA
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