Laboratory inoculation loop Copan Italia

Laboratory inoculation loop Copan Italia
Copan Italia

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Copan Calibrated Plastic Inoculation Loops offer several benefits: Color coded for easy product identification Each loop size and model has a unique color code to facilitate easy recognition and to distinguish different products. Ultra smooth loop surfaces allows easy streaking No rough plastic edges, flashing or burrs on the loop head means smooth, problem free planting and streaking of cultures. Loops do not cut or gouge the agar surface during streaking. Choice of rigid or flexible loops Copan manufactures two lines of 1 µl and 10 µl loops using two different plastic compounds: soft-flexible plastic or harder rigid plastic to cater to different applications and microbiologists’ preferences. Free of lubricants, oils and electrostatic charges enables consistent wetting and complete liquid transfer Eliminating these factors, allows consistent wetting of the plastic and enables the correct surface tension on the inside walls of the loop. Correct size droplet is formed and complete transfer of this volume takes place without leaving behind any beads of liquid.
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