Laboratory digester TT4C Gerhardt Analytical Systems

Laboratory digester TT4C Gerhardt Analytical Systems

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Powerful system for the digestion of up to 4 samples simultaneously. A fast and even heating up process is achieved by employing modern infrared heating technology. Both, the automatic and the manual systems can be equipped with a magnetic stirring unit. These systems then comply with the requirement acc. to DIN 38405 and DIN ISO 11262, which prescribe simultaneous heating and stirring of the samples. Application Digestion instrument which has been especially developed for the decomposition of water and soil samples for the determination of cyanide resp. for the total cyanide determination as well as for other determinations. Available models Cyanide determination system with electronic timer and power control With modern electronic control, up to 9 different programs can be entered. Each program has up to 9 variable heating levels and time settings. The current status is permanently displayed with manual override possible at any time. Cyanide determination system with manual control The power selection is done manually via an energy controller.
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