Laboratory digester SMA Gerhardt Analytical Systems

Laboratory digester SMA Gerhardt Analytical Systems

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The compact trace metal digestion systems allow for simultaneous multiple digestions of up to 20 samples. A precise temperature control permits the conditions for the digestions to be optimized thus providing reproducible results. The temperature control is provided by an external controller, which is included in the standard configuration. Application Block system for the digestion with aqua regia to determine the acid-soluble parts of metals in sludge, sediments and soils, according to e.g. DIN 38414 (Deutsche Einheitsverfahren). Available models Trace metal digestion system automatic All automatic block digestion systems come complete with a temperature/time controller TZ. It ensures a fully automated digestion process, including lifting and lowering of insert rack and exhaust manifold. Trace metal digestion system basic The alternative for labs with low sample throughput. All basic block digestion systems come complete with temperature controller TR. Lifting and lowering of the insert rack and exhaust manifold is done by hand. Basic digestion block systems can be upgraded with a temperature-time-controller TZ (not part of the standard configuration) to enable the operator to define and store up to 9 different programs.
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