Ion chromatography system IonQuest™ Cecil Instruments

Ion chromatography system IonQuest™ Cecil Instruments

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The completely new Ion Chromatography system from Cecil Instruments IonQuest is a top performance modular system. The conductivity cell of the conductivity detector, is enclosed with a heat exchanger in a precisely thermostatted enclosure. The temperature of the enclosure is controlled to better than ±0.01ºC. The working temperature may be set by the analyst to be between 25ºC and 50ºC and set with a default value of 35ºC during production testing. Precision Temperature Control Modular Flexibility The system is easy to use by control panel operation, or by using the sophisticated Cecil PowerStream software for data acquisition, processing and reporting. Full system control is also provided by the workstation equipped with PowerStream. The modularity of the system enables its configuration to be changed with ease, for instance for use with a UV/Visible detector. Modules may readily be replaced, to reduce down-time, should the need arise.
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