HPLC chromatography detector / UV-visible CE 4200 Cecil Instruments

HPLC chromatography detector / UV-visible CE 4200 Cecil Instruments
CE 4200

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The CE 4200 is a UV/Visible double beam detector of the highest specification and versatility, covering the range 190 to 700nm, with an optical bandwidth of approximately 8nm. Operation is by a keypad and 4 line LCD display of menus, prompts, parameters, wavelength, Absorbance etc. It may also form part of any system controlled by PowerStream software. Dual wavelength operation allows two wavelengths to be monitored simultaneously with their ratio also being available. Full programming using up to six wavelengths is also possible from the control panel. Noise and drift performance are of the very highest order, ±0.35 x 10-5A peak to peak, and ±3 x 10-5A/h respectively, with straylight less than 0.02%. Up to 30 methods may be created and stored password protected, ensuring reproducible conditions when recalled. An auto switch-on programme saves operator time during warm-up.
  • Technology:UV-visible
  • Type:HPLC
Milton Technical Centre,
CB24 6AZ
United Kingdom
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