Internal part middle ear implant VORP MED-EL

Internal part middle ear implant VORP MED-EL

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The VORP is the implantable component of the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE system and consists of: an internal coil, a magnet to hold the SAMBA audio processor in place over the implant a demodulator to receive and convert the electrical signals from the SAMBA audio processor a conductor link the Floating Mass Transducer (FMT) which is attached onto a mobile middle ear structure (e.g. auditory ossicles) to cause these structures to vibrate. The FMT is the core part of the implant. With a length of 2.3 mm it is smaller than a grain of rice. The simplicity of this innovative technology is one of the reasons for its reliability, its flexible field of application, and the optimal compensation of different types of hearing loss.
  • Implant component:internal part
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