Body-worn processor cochlear implant / remote-controlled / waterproof RONDO® MED-EL

Body-worn processor cochlear implant / remote-controlled / waterproof RONDO® MED-EL

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RONDO combines the control unit, battery pack, and coil into a compact and convenient single-unit processor. RONDO is worn off the ear, so it is especially comfortable for individuals who wear glasses. With the WaterWear accessory, RONDO is waterproof and ready to go anywhere. MED-EL brings RONDO, world?s first fully integrated and compact CI Single-Unit Processor. It combines traditional audio processor components like battery pack, control unit and the coil into one single unit. Coming without cable, Rondo incorporates fewer parts and brings a feeling of freedom from bearing almost nothing behind the ear. Waking up in the morning and then tuning in to world of sound has become extraordinarily easier with this medical equipment. Individuals can easily attach one piece RONDO as the process is really straight forward. Even one can simply change the settings on the fly with aid of Fine Tuner remote control. Sound connects individuals to the world and the people living in it. The proven, superior hearing performance and the signature technologies offered by the OPUS platform associated with the one piece RONDO audio processor, makes the device user-friendly, efficient, and sophisticated as well.
  • Implant component:body-worn processor
  • Options and accessories:waterproof, remote-controlled
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