Internal part cochlear implant DIGISONIC® SP neurelec

Internal part cochlear implant DIGISONIC® SP neurelec

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Digisonic® SP's powerful electronic platform integrates state-of-the-art components. The advanced electronics are designed for low power providing long battery life without sacrificing any performance. They were also designed for compatibility with future technological advances. Quality components The implant consists of a small ceramic and titanium box placed surgically under the skin and an electrode-array inserted into the cochlea. The ceramic material forming the receptor makes the implant extremely resistant to shock. Ceramic is widely used in the medical field (e.g. hip, dental and knee replacements) and requires extraordinary expertise, which Neurelec has acquired over the more than 25 years in the field. Ergonomic and innovative, The Digisonic® SP is the most compact implant on the market. The receiver conforms to any head shape. Positioning it during surgery involves very little trauma. A screw fixation system holds the implant in place. This unique technique, exclusive to Neurelec, provides a secure fit of the implant and allows the surgeon to avoid drilling a hole in the skull. This also reduces sugical time.
  • Implant component:internal part
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