Internal part cochlear implant DIGISONIC® SP BINAURAL neurelec

Internal part cochlear implant DIGISONIC® SP BINAURAL neurelec

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Cochlear implantation improves voice recognition and communication for the patients with hearing problem. The present day diagnostics offers an implant in one ear which still makes the sound recognition difficult in noisy background and also makes sound localization impossible. DIGISPONIC SP BINAURAL offers superior and the only solution for hearing with both the ears (binaural hearing). The system is similar to bilateral implantation (an implant in each ear) enabling enabling to perceive sound in stereo. Binaural implant system enables to simultaneously detect and process sound in both the ears. This system provides an easy way to locate the source of sound and hence paves way for a better understanding of speech in quiet as well as noisy environments. The Digisonic® SP Binaural implant enhances the sound therapy and provides the best solution to detect sound in a more natural method.
  • Implant component:internal part
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