Behind the ear processor cochlear implant SAPHYR® neurelec

Behind the ear processor cochlear implant SAPHYR® neurelec

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Saphyr® presents new technology in an ingenious design. This 4th generation sound processor is compatible with all generations of Neurelec system implants. This technology is offered in two versions Saphyr® SP and Saphyr® CX and both feature similar characteristics and options. A pure sound ideal for daily pleasure, it is provided with new signal processing from Crystalis. The Saphyr® sound processor faithfully reproduces the sound captured by its two omnidirectional microphones, each one benefiting from a large dynamic reception of 75 dB. Saphyr® offers more comfortable hearing in both the noisiest situations as well as in the most intimate ones. The placement of each electronic component of the Saphyr® was designed to optimize the sound quality of each part of the range including auxiliary Ultra-Low Noise socket, high-precision electronic card, Telecoil, etc.
  • Implant component:behind the ear processor
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