Inguinal hernia prosthesis / abdominal 4DDOME® COUSIN BIOTECH

Inguinal hernia prosthesis / abdominal 4DDOME® COUSIN BIOTECH

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4DDOME is the first semi-resorbable plug and patch commonly indicated for abdominal reinforcement including open surgical repair and reinforcement of inguinal and femoral hernias. It is constructed of 10% non-resorbable light polypropylene and 90% resorbable poly-L-lactid acid (PLLA). The onlay patch is knitted with 25% non-resorbable light polypropylene and 75% resorbable PLLA. Advantages of using the product include: pushes back the abdominal pressure and protects the hernia orifice, best architectural structure to support maximum pressure with a minimum amount of material, tensile strength of this product is superior to physiological strength of the abdominal wall which provides safety and efficiency.
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