Ultrasonic nebulizer / pediatric HICO-Ultrasonat 810 Alfamedic

Ultrasonic nebulizer / pediatric HICO-Ultrasonat 810 Alfamedic
HICO-Ultrasonat 810

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The compact unit of the HICO-ULTRASONAT 810 meets the high requirements of a diversely qualified device with a design and operation which is quite accessible for those not familiar with the technology. A pleasant alternative for patients in local anesthesia. Features The HICO-ULTRASONAT 810 works with a max. frequency of 1.7 MHz and a HF output capacity of approx. 32 W. The electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy through the piezo-ceramic transducer. The resulting vibrations reduce the liquid to the smallest particles of 0.5 to 6 µm in the nebulizing chamber. The transducer requires approx. 15 sec. after the unit starts for automatic calibration. Description By automatic calibration of the transducer and a largevolume nebulizing chamber it is possible to nebulize over 500 ml liquid in succession without additional containers. This corresponds to 3-4 hours nebulization without refilling system or up to 8 hours with reduced intensity. An electronic dry run protection device replaces a float switch subject to failure.
  • Other characteristics:pediatric
  • Type:ultrasonic
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