Pneumatic nebulizer / pediatric / with compressor OH-95 Alfamedic

Pneumatic nebulizer / pediatric / with compressor OH-95 Alfamedic

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Heated nebulizer OH-95 is used for giving moisted and heated oxygen or air in these cases: - resuscitation - oxygenotherapy - medicament inhaling Description: Heated nebulizer is designed for improvement of care of the patients treated either in health facilities or at home. Thanks to its unified design it has extensive possibilities of application in all departments dealing with the treatment of upper and lower air passages. The main functional part of the device is an electronic temperature regulator which controls the operation of the heating element which is placed inside the device. The heating element heats the moisturising bath in a special vessel made of stainless steel and glass. The formation of rich aerosol is enabled by micro-nebulizer placed in the upper part of the vessel. The device is delivered with the feeding pressure hose and corrugated patient‘s hose of standard size. The patient‘s hose can be set up into required position through a flexible arm. The whole device can be put on the horizontal pad, fixed on the carrier of the heated bed, possibly directly to the patient‘s bed or to a movable rack which enables the installation of other devices.
  • Type:pneumatic
  • Other characteristics:pediatric, with compressor
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