Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / digital Veraview IC5 HD Morita

Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / digital Veraview IC5 HD Morita
Veraview IC5 HD

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Veraview IC5 HD has digital imaging which is outstanding for dental radiology image clarity and detail are of the essence to make a correct diagnosis. Veraview IC5 HD means high definition product. The Veraview IC5 HD forms a harmonious balance between user friendly handling and technological innovation, allowing you to conduct examinations efficiently without any sacrifice. Equipped with cutting edge technology, like automatic exposure control and automatic image enhancement, and efficient positioning aids, dental imaging has never been easier. The super high speed mode in combination with the new high definition mode will fill all your panoramic imaging needs. It also has excellent high speed exposure takes only 5.5 seconds and therefore gives the patient a very low dose. The Veraview IC5 HD is the next generation panoramic x-ray machine that will give you digital exposures with exceptional image clarity, contrast, and resolution at a super high speed.
  • Technology:digital
  • Type of system:panoramic X-ray system
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