Compressed air cleaner for dental instruments Lubrina Morita

Compressed air cleaner for dental instruments Lubrina Morita

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Morita has come up with Lubrina for maintenance of hand piece with lubrication. It is used for cleaning and maintenance of instruments. This is a real time and cost-effective device for any dental practice which can sterilize up to four hand pieces within 100 seconds. It is well equipped in removing impurities and lubricating every kind of equipment. This is also very cost-effective when it comes to deploying spray. In addition to this, Lubrina is the first ever lubrication device with an in-built chuck maintenance system (as of April 2005). It requires only 1/3 of the lubricant when compared with lubrication done manually. Lubrina is the first hand piece maintenance unit with chuck maintenance methodology (only for J. Morita's instruments). It can take care of any type of equipment (contra-angle and straight handpieces), air turbines and air scalers while offering more effective and user-friendly maintenance for hand piece automatically. Lubrina comes with unique dual lubrication systems which allow lubrication of two instruments with one spray if desired. It does not require any special spray.
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