Liposuction jar / aspirating av2000 M.D. Resource

Liposuction jar / aspirating av2000 M.D. Resource

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The Aquavage is a single-use item that is made with the intention of handling fat harvesting procedures. This AV2000 model is 2000cc in size and can go on an aspiration pump or in-line setup. This works with a reduced flow value at 500mm Hg and can link to a liposuction cannula. It keeps fats and fluids around and lets the surgeon work to remove the fluid part first and then the fat cells. This is made with a sterile design that is sold in single units with sterile 60cc toomey syringes. This is made with FDA/501k clearance in mind and works without clogging. This can separate the fat on its own without putting out much of a threat to the patient. It is fast to work with and is completely disposable.
  • Application:aspirating, for liposuction
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