Liposuction jar / aspirating av1200 M.D. Resource

Liposuction jar / aspirating av1200 M.D. Resource

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The Aquavage is a single-use and sterile product that takes in fat deposits. This particular AV1200 model is a 1200c material that can link up in line with any kind of aspiration pump. This is made to work with low flow volumes at 18 in Hg or 500 mm Hg. This container will separate the fat and fluids in the spot so the surgeon will remove the fluid out and then the fat cells out of the container with a sterile material. This uses a 60cc toomey syringe that works with canister hoses and is safe to use. It is an FDA/510k supported item that is sold in single units. This will not clog up and can work with all sorts of aspirators with a vacuum control.
  • Application:aspirating, for liposuction
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