Fetal monitor 2 MHz | BFM-900L Bionics Corporation

Fetal monitor 2 MHz | BFM-900L Bionics Corporation
2 MHz | BFM-900L

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With Pulsed Doppler and multicrystal transducer, product is used for ultrasound. 2.0MHz of ultrasound frequency is provided along with intensity of less than 10mW/cm2. FHR ranges from 50 to 240bpm with FHR accuracy range of ¡¾2percent. It features optional Waterproof IPX7 and dual Doppler. UC features external type, frequency feedback of DC ~ 0.5Hz, reference (Zero) control and measurement in between 0 to 99 units. Waterproof IPX7 supplied option with UC. The detection of fetal movement is possible by the product along with dual Fetal Movement Acoustic Simulator supplied as an option. Waking Fetus is displayed by vibration function in seven segments. Rhythm of heart is provided in printed form. The recording speed of the product is 1,2,3cm per minute. Printing is done automatically by 10,20,30,40,50,60 cm per minute. Display unit contains indicators of power and battery. Features like LED Record zoom, quick alarm with ON/OFF mode, offset are also provided. Volume control is provided with LED Sound and Doppler Sound along with Key Sound and HR Sound. Product contains printer with alarm sound and option of low battery.
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