Fetal monitor 2 MHz | BFM-900 Bionics Corporation

Fetal monitor 2 MHz | BFM-900 Bionics Corporation
2 MHz | BFM-900

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Bionics, known for outstanding products and being excel in terms of reliability and durability designs BFM-900 as per internationally set standards of accuracy to provide fast and precise results using modern technology. Ultrasound operation is enabled by the Multicrystal transducer running at frequency of 2.0 MHz with intensity 10 Mohm and leakage current, less than 0.04 uA/V while frequency is of 50/60 Hz. FM or Fetal Movement is detected by Ultrasound which features Dual FM UC of external type with frequency response DC to 0.5 Hz by Reference/Zero Control. With Measurement Range between 0~99 unit it features Heart Rhythm Display with Alarm ON/OFF State Display. Additional features include Printing State Display, Volume State Display, Operation Channel Display, Battery State Display, volume controlled Doppler Sound and ECG Beep Sound, Information Sound Printer, Thermal Array Type Record of speed 1,2,3cm/min with auto recording period 0,10,20,30,40,50,60 min. Other features include Paper feeding zoomed in specific response; Digital I/O with Central Interface Power; and the AC input between 100 to 240 V makes the device useful and easy to operate for the individuals.
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