Horizontal bed head unit / with light WINCH Sostel

Horizontal bed head unit / with light WINCH Sostel

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Winch has a goster gas electromedical equipment conflict the requirements of laboratories, resuscitation and dialysis departments and all those situations where order and safety are required, and where flying cables and gas tubes are not allowed. This device consists of two extruded aluminum profiles, divided and closed by screwless, snap fastened front supports, which houses the electrical sockets and gas outlets. Each of the two profiles is prepared for a specific function the first one for the passage of electrical and signal cables. The front supports, when opened, are supported by cords, thus allowing trouble-free and safe installation and maintenance. The second one for the passage of tubes and for the supply of medical gases. On the way to improved assemble the requirements, it is produced in two distinct sizes a 249x85 mm Goster version and a 297x85 mm broad Goster Gas version.
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