Bed head unit with light / horizontal TWIN Sostel

Bed head unit with light / horizontal TWIN Sostel

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SOSTEL's fine product line of more than a dozen bedhead units includes this, the TWIN, especially designed for use in dialysis units as well as resuscitation and pre-operative areas. The compact and aesthetically pleasing Twin unit is designed to accommodate a number of electrical and gas components. Both room and direct lighting can be controlled from the Twin's two external profiles, with illumination provided either by T5 tubes or by energy-saving LED illumination. The purposefully rounded shape of the unit keeps dust from settling on the unit while at the same time making cleaning quick and easy. Control, electric outlets, and gas outlets are all placed on screwless, snap-mounted faceplates. The manufacture of the Twin is in accordance with recognized electo-medical standards and regulations.
  • Options:horizontal, with light