Horizontal bed head unit / with light SPINN Sostel

Horizontal bed head unit / with light SPINN Sostel

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The product is designed for pre-operative areas, resuscitation and dialysis units. The product is fully completely electromedical device which belong to the Kabel series which contains various types of bed head units. It contains three extruded aluminum profiles which include medical gas tubes and distribution, light and electricity distribution. The device is perfect for the condition in which numerous components are needed in an element such as equipotential grounds, nurse call outlets, sockets and data outlets. The front support is equipped with gas and electrical outlets are snap-mounted with no screw. The device provides an IP40 grade protection. While the device is opened, it is assisted by cords which ensure effortless maintenance and installation. The product is supplied in two different dimensions which include Spin Large 398x199 mm and Spinn 349x199 mm and thus helps to meet each and every requirement of the user.
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