High-definition display / LED / surgical 2 MP | MDSC-2226 Barco

High-definition display / LED / surgical 2 MP | MDSC-2226 Barco
2 MP | MDSC-2226

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The product, Barco’s MDSC-2226 is a surgical display of 26 inch and includes a LED backlight. The product is mainly designed for the operating room and is endowed with the intelligent clean design. The instrument provides the detailed images and has intelligent and elegant mechanics. The images that are provided are calibrated and free from the artifact. The product provides outstanding color images and an accurate grayscale. The product is suitable to be used with the latest technological endoscopy camera systems. The LED backlight is highly bright with stabilized light output. The design of the product ensures long lifetime. The product provides consistence image across displays with the help of the increased illuminated LED backlight which is endowed with the light output stabilization.
  • Technology:LED, high-definition
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