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Network NEXXIS Barco

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With the help of networked integration, one can get efficient workflow. Nexxis for OR provides IP-centered solution that facilitates image distribution in operating room. The system architecture is designed in a way to meet the performance demands and fulfill the unique surgical suite requirements like high quality imaging, ultra-low latency, and real-time communication. Video, graphics, audio and computer data are distributed across the IP network by the Nexxis in raw uncompressed design inside the operating room and also between the surgical suites. The network has near-zero latency, but latency of most of the video conversion systems is not less than 15 to 20 milliseconds. Distribution of images is quite faster in Nexxis for OR which assures ideal hand-eye coordination. The whole set-up of the network is smooth; user just needs a universal network cable for setting up the operating room. Since the digital operating room system is IP-centered, the system is regulated and managed remotely in order to speed up the setup time and enhance the OR utilization. It has got a simple configuration and devices are automatically detected.
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