High-capacity laboratory incubator / 2-door 730 L | P33 LEEC

High-capacity laboratory incubator / 2-door 730 L | P33 LEEC
730 L | P33

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The LEEC P33 Precision Incubator combines traditional styling and modern controls for precise temperature control in a large capacity chamber. Note: models P2 and P3 have been replaced by equivalent models from the Classic Incubator range CONSTRUCTION LEEC P33 Precision Incubator has a large capacity 730 litre stainless steel chamber, adjustable aluminium shelves and 4 toughened inner glass viewing doors. The outer cabinet is rust-resistant and finished in white, anti-microbial powder coated paint. Two 12mm access ports are provided so that cables for shakers and/or monitoring probes can be passed safely into the incubator. HEATING The heating system consists of a low wattage elements which are specially designed and profiled to eliminate hot spots. Expanding Polyurethane insulation is foamed in-situ to help ensure optimum temperature control and stability. Operation of the incubator at or below room temperature can be achieved when the built in cooling coil is connected to a source of chilled water (e.g. LEEC self contained recirculating cooler unit).
  • Configuration:high-capacity
  • Number of doors:2-door
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