Hemoglobin analyzer HA8180 Menarini Diagnostics

Hemoglobin analyzer HA8180 Menarini Diagnostics

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With HA-8180V, A. Menarini Diagnostics scores a new technological achievement, taking haemoglobin analysis to an unprecedented level of velocity and accuracy. With a 90 sec/sample throughput and only 3.4 min waiting time for first report, while maintaining a CV inferior to 1%*, HA-8180V is the fastest HPLC system for HbA1c and Hb variants analysis in the world. (A 48 sec/sample throughput Fast Mode is available for all non-problematic samples.) Along with velocity and high precision, simplicity of use and augmented autonomy have been the guiding concepts in designing the device. HA-8180V features a new type of column with integrated pre-filter that drastically reduces maintenance needs and a new LCD display allows the operator to monitor all relevant measurement or system parameters at a glance. HA-8180V is the perfect device to meet the increasing needs of accurate HbA1c tests and its HbS separation function makes it a highly reliable tool for the treatment of sickle-cell anaemia. Indeed, this time-saving champion will become an indispensable instrument for all medium or big laboratories - in no time!
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