Automatic urine analyzer AUTION MAX Menarini Diagnostics

Automatic urine analyzer AUTION MAX Menarini Diagnostics

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This is the Aution MAX AX-4030 is the leader in the field of urinalysis systems, beats its own record by presenting a new version of Aution MAX which features substantial enhancements. An additional strip feeder almosttriple the capacity in memory (2700 results) increase the autonomy of the device and a new, larger color LCD display with a functional IVD keypad allows enhanced reading of the results. Easy to set-up (2 minutes) and to mantain, Aution MAX AX-4030 can manage advanced, heavy-duty urinalysis routines and work in full online/offline with a dedicated backuo environment. It offers the following benefits and features: 1) Fully automated operation, 2) Throughput 225 samples/hour, 3) Two test strip feeders (400 strips), 4) Automatic test strip recognition, 5) Large Color Liquid Crystal Display, 6) Turbidity and Specific Gravity measurement, 7) Color-tone measurement (23 colors), 8) Automatic temperature compensation, 9) Liquid surface detection function, 10) Bar code sample control, 11) 2700 results memory capacity and 12) Maximum sample measurement reliability with carry-over effect control.
  • Operation:automatic
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