Heating oven / dental laboratory 1600 °C | MOS 160 ELV Yenadent

Heating oven / dental laboratory 1600 °C | MOS 160 ELV Yenadent
1600 °C | MOS 160 ELV

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MOS160 ELV developed for firing of even upto 4 unit crowns in about 2 hours, cold to cold. ELV series have a 7 inch Touch Screen monitör as standard. Included 5 dedicated programmes covering almost all firing requirements and a Custom Programme ready to be applied as required . * Heating ELements are Kanthal Super quality, MoSi2 * 160-05 will use 2 trays * 160-1 will use 4 trays * Furnace will have 6 programme capacity, one being reserved for Custom made programme. Firing period from cold to cold will differentiate pending on the programme chosen. But shortest period will be about 120-150 mins even for 4 unit bridges. * Electricity cut offs can be a problem for programmable furnaces. ELV-MOS series have a specific facility which enables the programme to continue after power restored. You can leave the furnace working and taking care of the programme chosen even at night time.This will give you some more efficiency, managing of 4-5 cycles per day. * A graphic display of actual programme where the details of heating curve - time vs temperature can be observed
  • Domain:dental laboratory
  • Function:heating