CAM software / dental Yenadent Cam 5.0 Yenadent

CAM software / dental Yenadent Cam 5.0 Yenadent
Yenadent Cam 5.0

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Software licence & upgrades With YenadentCAM, you are free, there are no temporary licenses to rent and no end user time limitations to stop you working. The quality key for your production process YenadentCAM is a 3D milling CAM software that allows you to easily manufacture crowns, bridges & implants with many different machines. YenadentCAM works in conjunction with existing dental scanners and CAD systems on the market like; 3Shape™, Dental Wings™, Evirsa™, Exocad™, Laser Denta™ ... Security and Performances YenadentCAM offers fast and secured production with optimized tool paths to make your parts fit first time. YenadentCAM will check and simulate collision in 5 axis depending on part and spindle inclination. This is totally automatic. No technical CAM experience is required. Advanced nesting techniques will allow milling more than 50 crowns in a single 100 mm disk. Material management YenadentCAM as been developed and approved on many different materials like Wax, PMMA, Zirconia, Titanium, Cobalt Chromium, Lithium Disilicate, ... Experience The software comes to you ready to use thanks to template milling strategies already used and continuously approved for more than 3 years.
  • Application domain:dental
  • Function:CAM