CAD/CAM milling machine DC40 Yenadent

CAD/CAM milling machine DC40 Yenadent

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DC40 is capable of working 24 hours all year long and equipped with AC servo motors and High Speed Control system. Thanks to 12 pocket tool changer and tool setter it can work without any stop. Due to it’s heavy design DC40 can work without vibration during implant and abutment milling. The machine can be integrated with any scanning system which produce STL output. You can place 40-50 unit on a standard disc. The Machine has sister tool capability (It can change worn tool with spare). DC40 can check tool lenght every 30 min and changes broken tool. 4 pcs rollers for easy replacement. Sending e-mail. ( At the end of job or in case of error ) Lineer guides and no backlash ballscrews. Simple operation 17'' touch screen. Lamp for cutting area. Standart 3R system for Quick Holder Change