Heating and cooling unit veterinary / monitoring VETSPECS® PWM3 VetSpecs

Heating and cooling unit veterinary / monitoring VETSPECS® PWM3 VetSpecs

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Developed specifically for use in anesthetic recovery and dentistry Offers effective, safe, and easy-to-use patient warming and monitoring in a compact system, suitable for both anesthetized and conscious veterinary patients. Patient warming with dual temperature settings Pulse rate, pulse bar graph, and heartbeats sound Respiratory rate, respiratory bar graph, and apnea alarm The PWM3 consists of a main unit, a warming and respiration sensing pad, a pulse sensor band, and an airway respiratory sensor. The main unit can easily be hung on a cage door, wall, IV pole, or anesthesia machine. Use in Anesthetic Recovery and Intensive Care To use on patients in cages during anesthetic recovery and intensive care, place the warming and respiration sensing pad on the cage floor, and hang the main unit on the cage door. The PWM3 warms the patient through the pad with two temperature settings and monitors the patients respirations through a motion sensor inside the pad. In other wards, there are no sensors or wires attached to the patient. If it is also necessary to monitor the pulse rate, simply wrap the pulse sensor band on a leg or the tail of the patient. There is no need to clip the hair.
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