Heater-cooler unit Electrothermal

Heater-cooler unit Electrothermal

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The NEW portable RAK15H/C has all the features of the RAK15 water and ration heater along with the ability to cool liquid to 30°C below ambient, for optimum hydration in all climates. The RAK15H/C has the capacity to provide cold or hot water for a five person crew of an armoured vehicle. Hot and cold water for washing, drinks and ration packs (MRE) can be achieved within 20 minutes (depending on power rating) and the contents will warm for over four hours after switch-off. Key Features Heats or cools whilst on the move Chills water, heats MREs, gives hot potable water on demand Keeps contents hot for up to 6 hours Low thermal signature Non-spill relief system
Beacon Road,
Stone, Staffordshire
United Kingdom
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