Heater-cooler unit cardioplegia HU 35 MAQUET

Heater-cooler unit cardioplegia HU 35 MAQUET
HU 35

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The HU 35 Heater is one of the latest additions in the Optimal Heater innovation world which is based on the concept of transfer of heat energy to the blood stream through a thick membrane with the help of the oxygenator, perfectly in accordance with the Palletized Load System. Besides, it serves as a reliable and precise water supply unit for oxygenator to maintain patient temperature from 33º to 39º C. The HU35 incorporates water and temperature alarms and an automatic function test to ensure operational reliability and safety. With a dimension of 200 x 330mm and a weight of nearly 9 kgs, this robust yet portable device can easily accommodate in the SPRINTER CART and its larger version SPRINTER CART XL.
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