Healthcare facility air diffuser UG UGT Roccheggiani

Healthcare facility air diffuser UG UGT Roccheggiani

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Air diffuser UG UGT The air diffuser is used to provide both conditioning and ventilating air and to distribute the flow of air in the desired directions. Application -The diffuser nozzle UG is used to put in treated air in industrial environments, shopping centers, warehouses and in all installations where there is a significant need of deep launch penetration. -The adjustment of the air flow is done manually. Construction features -The diffuser nozzle UG is built with an all-aluminum body, satin natural transparent protective coating of primer and is installed with grub screws. Operation -The diffuser nozzle UG has a manual adjustment for the direction of the air launch. -It is mounted on the channel wall or the plenum and then adjusted. -The diffuser includes a deflection angle so the airflow direction air can vary from +30° to -30 °.
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities