Healthcare facility air diffuser DEB Roccheggiani

Healthcare facility air diffuser DEB Roccheggiani

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This product supplies breath for offices, hospitals and stores. It is easy to set desired spread pattern from 1 way to 4 way. Important Functions Easy Mounting: The performance data are like as DEB. However, all series outer sizes are equal to the standard 600 x 600 mm false ceiling connector plate sizes, where the mounting is effortless. Perforated Ceiling: Its diffuser is good for false ceiling mounting called DEB I. Utility: The DEB is utilized for inserted mounting in standard inner roof or it can be freely hung. Supply: The element is supplied with circular duct connection. Temperature: The under temperature 10C below room breath temperature. Breath Rates: The breath rates are 60 900 m3/h or 15250 l/s.
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